About Faith

Faith Alana Alastair is a 35 year old professional piercer licensed  in NYC and Denver, CO who has been piercing for 15 years and branding, scarring and modding for five of that.

Faith, or Fate as she's also known, views Body Modification as a spiritual journey, both for the artist, and for the client.

Faith tailors each experience to her client's needs, and works to provide a service that gives you what you want in a way that suits your own unique desires.

Faith currently works and resides in Monroe, Louisiana.

Personal Philosophy

by Faith Alana Alastair

Piercing, scarring and tattooing mean a lot to me. After a long process of searching and seeking enlightenment and understanding, I've realized that to me, God, or what each of us believes in as a higher power, exists within each one of us. It has been said that we were made in God's image. If that is true, and God exists in us all, then by modifying, we are each creating ourselves in our own images, and thus the image of God as well. Therefore, the act of modifying is inherently sacred, and for me as the piercer, or scarification artist, I am truly blessed to be a part of that by bringing each individual closer to his own self-image of God.

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By Email: Falastair@gmail.com

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On Twitter: @faithlessfate

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