Pricing For Piercing

Above the neck

Facial piercings: $25 - $45
Includes Eyebrows, Nostrils, Septums, Monroes, Labrets, Bridges.

Lip piercings: $30 for single hole, $50 for Snakebites, $85 for Spiderbites

Ear piercings: $20 for single hole piercings, $35 a pair, $40 for Industrials

Tongue piercings: $30 for center of tongue, $45 for tip

Upper body

Nipples: $35 for one, $60 for both

Navel: $35

Lower Body

Genital piercing prices vary based on specific piercing.

Female Genitals begin at $90

Male Genital begin at $75


Surface Piercings and Microdermals

Surface piercings range from $45 - $75 depending on placement.

Microdermals are $125 per anchor, or discounted for multiples in a session. Maintenance and removal are free for life.


Subdermal Implants

Begin at $250 a session


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